Mergers and acquisitions represent a legal procedure for uniting server companies into a single structure resulting in the business reorganization and providing an excelled tool for its development. With more than a dozen major merger and acquisition transactions, the legal and accounting firm LEOLEX has a wide experience of supporting merger and acquisition transactions and offers comprehensive legal support to achieve the goals set.

Services of the Swiss legal and accounting firm LEOLEX in the area of mergers and acquisitions:

— structuring Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A);
– preparation and agreement of call/put option agreements;
— legal and financial due diligence of assets being acquired;
— preparation and agreement of transaction documents (sale and purchase agreements and related documents);
— consulting principals on antitrust issues;
— search for investment opportunities;
— negotiating with any potential parties to the transaction;
— obtaining any required authorizations and permits from regulators;
— assistance with integration of purchased assets into the existing business;
— support in performance of obligations after transaction closure;
— tax consulting.