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Hardly any area of business can do without the contractual law – this is the branch of law we use, among other things, in employment, making commercial transactions, leasing residential premises, interacting with banks, resolving heritage issues. The contractual law is becoming more and more intricate due to emergence of non-conventional forms of business cooperation presentation of which in the written form is a challenging task for a lawyer. Parties to an agreement tend to construe the same terms of their agreement in different ways, so it is important that the parties similarly understand all paragraphs of the agreement. This prevents time-consuming disputes and loss of trust to the business partner. To clearly understand all paragraphs of an agreement, parties have to speak the same language with a lawyer. Experts of the Swiss legal and accounting firm LEOLEX will render you professional services for drawing up various types of agreements for legal entities and individuals in Russian, English, German, and French.


Issues related to the corporate and commercial law are among the most important lines of business of the legal and accounting firm LEOLEX. Our lawyers daily face issues related to setting up business from preparation of a package of constituent documents to turnkey registration of companies in Switzerland and further legal support of new businesses.

Migration law is a branch of law regulating migration disputes related to change of the place of staying or place of residence of a person and includes immigration, emigration, internal migration and temporary staying of a person abroad (tourism, business or other trips). A growing number of people have chosen Switzerland as a place of their residence recently; this is due, among other things, to the high standard of life and stability of the country. Laws of the Swiss legal and accounting firm LEOLEX had the required qualification and daily render services in the area of the migration law of their clients.

The family law regulates family relations: personal and property relations between spouses, parents and children, relatives, adopted children and children mothered by their foster parents. The family laws evokes a great deal of disputes. The divorce procedure in Switzerland is an illustrative example: the worse spouses indenting to divorce get on with each other, the more challenging their divorce will be. Having many-year experience in the area of the family law experts of the Swiss legal and accounting firm LEOLEX will provide you with timely qualified legal assistance doing their best to protect your interests, save your time, money and nerves.

Search of assets and debt collection constitute one of the key lines of business of the legal and accounting firm LEOLEX. With several dozens of won cases on debt collection and the experience of participating in the bankruptcy procedure for 2 bank branches in Switzerland, we have unique expertise in this area.

Intellectual property is an intangible asset created by the human mind. Intellectual property includes: invention patents, achievements of the scientific and technical progress, various know-how, trademarks, designs, music, artistic and literature works, software, domain names, selective breeding results, computer developments, design, names, phonograms, databases. Issues related to the intellectual property are often underestimated. However these issues are of key importance for the business of many enterprises. Experts of the Swiss legal and accounting firm LEOLEX are ready to help you protect your intellectual property and to render legal support in the area of unfair competition.

Mergers and acquisitions represent a legal procedure for uniting server companies into a single structure resulting in the business reorganization and providing an excelled tool for its development. With more than a dozen major merger and acquisition transactions, the legal and accounting firm LEOLEX has a wide experience of supporting merger and acquisition transactions and offers comprehensive legal support to achieve the goals set.

Switzerland is the global center of the crypto currency business. The managing partner of our firm Roman Kudinov is the President of the representative office of RACIB (RUSSIAN ASSOCIATION OF CRYPTOINDUSTRY AND BLOCKCHAIN) in Switzerland, therefor the legal and accounting firm LEOLEX since the very beginning of its foundation has provided legal support to crypto currency companies and is one of the leaders in rende4ring this type of services to companies originating from the CIS countries.

The tax law is one of the key lines of business of the Swiss legal and accounting firm LEOLEX. We consult our clients on tax planning, taxation and tax risk management and protect their interests in tax disputes. We render services to various clients, whether individuals, or legal entities, optimizing their tax expenses.

The Swiss legal and accounting firm LEOLEX specializes on rendering legal support in the area of sports. Our lawyers have many-year experience in legal support of athletes, coaches, agents and other sport representatives. Due to their expertise, out associates can resolve any of your tasks.

The labour law is required to correctly regulate labor relations. Experts from the Swiss legal and accounting firm LEOLEX is ready to provide consultations on any issues of the Swiss labour law, whether employment, labour safety, remuneration, labour regulations, bonus payment, violation of the labour discipline or dismissal. Our lawyers have good expertise in resolving labour disputes and are ready to provide timely legal support to you.


LEOLEX lawyers and accountants of render services both in the Swiss Confederation, and nearby countries (France, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Monaco) and in the Russian Federation via its branch.

The legal and accounting firm LEOLEX is one of the leaders in rendering legal services to Russian-speaking citizens and companies originating from Russian and operating in the Swiss Confederation with 4 offices in Switzerland (Anzère, Sion, Genève, Zurich) and the headcount of 20 associates.

The team of LEOLEX lawyers and accountants led by one of the founders and managing partner of the firm Roman Kudinov consists of dynamic and highly qualified experts, so we can render legal and accounting services promptly, in strict confidentiality and achieving the best result for our clients.

We render services in Russian, French, English, and German.