Migration law is a branch of law regulating migration disputes related to change of the place of staying or place of residence of a person and includes immigration, emigration, internal migration and temporary staying of a person abroad (tourism, business or other trips). A growing number of people have chosen Switzerland as a place of their residence recently; this is due, among other things, to the high standard of life and stability of the country. Laws of the Swiss legal and accounting firm LEOLEX had the required qualification and daily render services in the area of the migration law of their clients.

Services of the Swiss legal and accounting firm LEOLEX in the area of the migration law:

— preparation of a dossier in response to the request for the C category residence permit and naturalization;
— appealing decisions to migration authorities and courts;
— obtaining residence permits, the complete procedure (for students, pensioners, economic, based on the lump sum tax);
— writing motivation letters;
— sending requests regarding availability/ non-availability of a record and deletion of the information that has been illegally entered into the Schengen information system (SIS);
– filing requests for obtaining a refugee’s status.