Intellectual property is an intangible asset created by the human mind. Intellectual property includes: invention patents, achievements of the scientific and technical progress, various know-how, trademarks, designs, music, artistic and literature works, software, domain names, selective breeding results, computer developments, design, names, phonograms, databases. Issues related to the intellectual property are often underestimated. However these issues are of key importance for the business of many enterprises. Experts of the Swiss legal and accounting firm LEOLEX are ready to help you protect your intellectual property and to render legal support in the area of unfair competition.

Services of the Swiss legal and accounting firm LEOLEX in the area of the intellectual property:

— consulting on licensing and franchising, transfer of intellectual property rights, support of transactions, preparation of the corresponding agreements;
— services for registration of trademarks, patents and other intellectual property in Switzerland and all over the world;
— judicial and administrative protection of authors’ and rightholders’ rights.