Hardly any area of business can do without the contractual law – this is the branch of law we use, among other things, in employment, making commercial transactions, leasing residential premises, interacting with banks, resolving heritage issues. The contractual law is becoming more and more intricate due to emergence of non-conventional forms of business cooperation presentation of which in the written form is a challenging task for a lawyer. Parties to an agreement tend to construe the same terms of their agreement in different ways, so it is important that the parties similarly understand all paragraphs of the agreement. This prevents time-consuming disputes and loss of trust to the business partner. To clearly understand all paragraphs of an agreement, parties have to speak the same language with a lawyer. Experts of the Swiss legal and accounting firm LEOLEX will render you professional services for drawing up various types of agreements for legal entities and individuals in Russian, English, German, and French.

The services offered by the Swiss legal and accounting firm LEOLEX in the area of the contractual law:

– development and preparation of all types of agreements;
– due diligence of contracts and evaluation of contractual risks;
– assistance with performance of contractual obligations;
– participation in negotiations during execution and making of agreements;
– proof reading of the contractual agreement wording;
– preparation and legal support of transactions;
– determination and optimization of contractual schemes;
– representation of legal entities and individuals in arbitration courts of Switzerland

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